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Meet our founders, financial advisers Travis and Dieter.

Dieter and Travis have been financial planners and advisers in Perth since 2004 and 2005 respectively. After becoming disillusioned with the traditional, compromised, commission-based model of financial advice, they decided to set up their own financial planning firm in 2014

Their mission: To provide personal, principled financial advice based on values, not commissions. To do financial planning the right way. To be there for clients and a catalyst for a better life.

Travis Martin

Founder, director and financial adviser

Travis has extensive experience as a personal financial planner and adviser, including providing tailored financial advice for businesses. Indeed, after growing up watching his dad run his own business, financial planning for family businesses is something of a specialty for him.

But whether his clients are in business or not, the thing Travis loves most about his work is removing stress and uncertainty from clients’ lives and helping people set and achieve their financial life goals. He sees it as a privilege to be able to walk alongside people on their financial life journey, providing guidance that ultimately enables them to take control of their lives and realise their dreams.

Outside work, Travis enjoys spending time with his children. From taking in a West Coast Eagles game through to family camping trips and picnics on the beach, family-time means everything to him. Travis also loves snowboarding but, living in Perth, which generally lacks a key snowboarding ingredient, it’s a passion he doesn’t often indulge.

Dieter Tode

Founder, director and financial adviser

With a diverse range of financial planning and investment market experience, helping clients manage all of life’s big moments and key financial transitions, Dieter has a wealth of knowledge to share with clients.

For Dieter, making this financial life journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible for clients is everything. He revels in seeing the weight lift from clients’ shoulders and the lightbulb moments where people see their financial future clearly. These moments, when clients go from feeling confused or overwhelmed to empowered, are why he founded Scope with Travis.

Away from the office and helping clients achieve their family and life goals, Dieter spends his time with his own family. A devoted father, stepfather and husband, he can often be found at weekends supporting his son’s team at various soccer pitches around Perth. During summer, soccer is replaced by family visits to the beach and evening barbeques around the pool.

Lyndsay Rushforth

Financial adviser

Lyndsay joined the Scope team in July 2018 as an Adviser. She works with clients to help maximise the probability of achieving their goals. To help work through this Lyndsay develops strategies and undertakes technical research to ensure those strategies recommended for Scope clients put them on the best possible path to achieve what is important to them.

Lyndsay enjoys getting to know clients and working with them to develop their own road map to achieving their goals.

Having worked in the financial planning industry for 9 years, Lyndsay has had exposure to multiple advice strategies which has solidified her technical skills and has become the foundation to maximising a client’s financial situation.

When not working most of Lyndsay’s time is spent with her young family. She also enjoys travelling overseas, days at the beach or in the pool and running in the different charity runs each year. Lyndsay was a competitive swimmer up until age 17, spending 2 hours most days in the pool and won champion girl in years 10,11 and 12 of high school at the school swim carnivals.

Rowan Stephens


Rowan joined the Scope team in January 2018 as Client Services Manager. Now working in an Associate role, he works with clients throughout the client process, whilst developing client strategies and documents.  Rowan also manages enquiries and is responsible for ensuring the quality of material prepared.

Rowan is in the final stages of his Professional Year, completing further education and training as part of our professional development program. Rowan has completed a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Curtin University.

Prior to commencing with Scope, Rowan had worked in the insurance industry in the area of claims finance where he acquired data analysis skills which have proven valuable in his current role.

When he’s not busy at Scope, Rowan enjoys his time working in the Army Reserves.

He enjoys working with the team and the opportunity to expand his skills and continue to acquire valuable knowledge. Rowan finds finance engaging and he loves applying the skills he’s accrued to help others to reach their goals.

Parul Bechar

Client Services Manager

Parul joined the Scope team in July 2020 as Client Services Manager. She provides advisor support, producing advice documents and strategy development. Parul also manages enquiries and is responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of documents prepared.

Parul has worked in the financial services sector for over 5 years and has a Diploma in Financial Planning.  Parul enjoys working with our Advisers to help our clients meet their goals.

Out of the office, Parul enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 sons who certainly keep her busy. Winter season sees Parul on the sidelines cheering her sons at their soccer games. Parul enjoys board game nights and is a firm believer in the phrase, “it’s all about the winning!” Parul enjoys holidays overseas and is enjoying exploring the beauty of Western Australia.

External Advisers

Keith Hockley

Keith is engaged by Scope to provide compliance assistance and oversight to the directors of Scope in their capacity as responsible managers of their Australian Financial Services License. With an excess of 16 years of financial markets industry experience Keith provides the team with extensive commercial support services, resources, industry insight and know-how that is current and compliant.


Jim Stackpool

Drawing on 26 years of consulting exposure to leading advice firms Jim and his team at Certainty Advice Group are engaged to constantly challenge, question and critique the team at Scope.

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Our purpose

Be the catalyst for a better life. A life with less uncertainty and anxiety. A life with more time and money to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. A confident life.

Our promise

Never fret over or waste unnecessary time making life’s big decisions or transitions ever again. Look forward to them. Relish them. Embrace them with confidence. We’ve got your back.

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The truth is, Perth is full of traditional financial planners and financial advisers earning commissions on the choices they advise you to make. Our team works as your personal financial consultant and CFO, always working and advising in your best interests. Find out how we can help.

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